Complimentary Consultation


In the ‘comments’, please share any information regarding cardiovascular or metabolic concerns, allergies, previous injuries, pregnancy status if applicable, and/or other special considerations we can prepare before your session.


Complimentary sessions can last up to 30 minutes and are bookable in 15-minute time increments. Consultation settings are usually conducted with new fitness training clients. This can be equally important for massage clients though, especially if you’re on certain medications or have cardiorespiratory or lymphatic health concerns. Specific therapeutic goals could also warrant a consultation. If you’re short on time and you trust me, you can just get on the massage table and I will be able to find issues of musculoskeletal discomfort – I’ve been doing this a couple years!

We will be discussing allergies, recent injuries, medications, cardiorespiratory conditions, metabolic conditions, and other health screening information as relevant to the services you’re seeking from Mama Earth Wellness. These introductory sessions also include healthy and realistic goal setting based on what your desired results are with proposed changes to lifestyle and health / exercise. Start getting ready by thinking about how much time you have available for exercise, what you ENJOY doing, and what your previous experience with physical activity is.

Chats can be in person just prior to a session, or we can also schedule a quick meeting on zoom leading up to your session. Completely complimentary. It’s our communication of what services are to be provided for which desired results and how we can safely and efficiently accomplish your health / fitness / relaxation goals. Low key. Informal and friendly. Have a look at my availability and let’s get the conversation started.


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