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Stretching aids, self-massage tools, and essential oils. I’ve assembled many of the items I recommend so you can easily find and purchase them in one place.


I’m a self-confessed anatomy nerd! I’m always reading books on wellness and exercise science. Here you’ll find links to books I recommend for my clients. I’ve read them all and vouch for their content and readability!

  • Running Injury-Free: How to Prevent, Treat, and Recover From Runner’s Knee, Shin Splints, Sore Feet and Every Other Ache and Pain
    I read this book cover to cover, although I imagine most of my clients will use it more as reference. This book successfully educates (in layman’s terms) on topics such as Q Angle, Overpronation, the Gait Cycle, and how these affect your running. It illustrates the importance of maintaining flexibility at the ankle, knee, and hips. It helps you choose the correct type of shoe for your arches. It breaks down common running injuries, letting you know when and how to self-treat and also when you should see a doctor. Look for a full review of this book coming from me soon in my blog!

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