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Onsite Massage at Festivals / Venues

Now Bookable Online!

Backstage Pop Up Spa

Coordinate a barber / hairdresser to join me and set up a ‘pop-up spa’ for your convenience on the road. Above photo is a set-up used at a Chicago music venue in one half of the larger dressing room.

Outdoor Festival Massage

Offer a massage tent with amenities / massage therapy / aesthetics at your next festival or outdoor performance. Mama Earth Massage and affiliated Massage Therapists were the official providers of Massage Therapy at Riot Fest 2019 and 2021, with tents in both the Ultimate / Deluxe Experience area as well as Artist World. Check out more details of our work at Riot Fest 2019 and 2021.

We’ll see you at Riot again soon if you’re an artist/crewmember or if you purchase Ultimate or Deluxe tickets to the festival!

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