60 Minute Massage


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Therapy sessions are booked for 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes in length. I offer 60 minutes of hands-on massage time in addition to any consultation and time spent on changing before and after your session.

60 minute massages are the ideal choice for

  • Your first visit with a Massage Therapist
  • A full body massage focusing on either upper or lower body to address specific musculoskeletal issues.
  • A typical Swedish massage for relaxation purposes only.
  • A focused massage on one area of the body (back, neck, feet and lower legs, lower body, upper body, arms and shoulders/pecs)

Although appropriate for the above scenarios, 60 minutes doesn’t leave enough time for everything. If you’d like a full-body experience and want me to work on both your arms and legs, plan to book a 90 minute session.


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