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ACE Certified Personal Fitness Training by Laura Schofield

Goal Setting & Assessments

All prospective clients receive a complimentary screening for Personal Fitness Training services. This ensures your exercise program will be safe, and helps you achieve the fitness and wellness results you’re looking for. We’ll set goals for weight loss, improved posture, therapeutic exercise, or specific fitness achievements.

I’m also available to conduct one-time field tests for you.

  • VO2 (submax)
  • VT1
  • VT2
Program Design and Implementation

After the initial screening and interview, I’ll work with you to design a safe, effective, enjoyable exercise program. This not only includes the program design, but also provides instruction on exercise technique and equipment use. Of course, programs are dynamic, responding to your updated goals and fitness status.

Program Progression and Modifications

Strategically-timed assessments provide feedback for your achievements. Each new success helps guide the best program for you at the present moment. Life happens, and I’ll help you modify your routine to meet a changing schedule, new fitness goals, whatever!

Professional Conduct, Safety, and Risk Management

I’m a professional and take your safety and privacy seriously! In addition, my Massage Therapy practice and degree as a Physical Therapist Assistant bring a greater understanding of musculoskeletal stress / strain and therapeutic exercise. I’m currently pursuing NCBTMB/AMTA certification in Sports Massage, hold a current CPR/AED/BLS for Healthcare Professionals status, and keep current on my continuing education across this spectrum of healthcare professions.

Fitness Modes

Corrective Exercise

I am a Physical Therapist Assistant Candidate (A.A.S. Physical Therapist Assistant, City Colleges Chicago – 2019) and an ACE-Certified Functional Training Specialist.

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Combined Training for Weight Loss

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Safely accomplish your goals.

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