Healthy Knees

Our knees are hinge joints, just like those on a door. The cartilage, connective tissue, bones, and muscles perform a complex manouver to keep the leg bones sliding off each other. This is an action called ‘tracking.’ If you are putting unneccessary strain on your knees, you are wearing down your irreplaceable cartilage. Cartilage lacks a source of nutrients, and you can’t build it back up once its gone. Be sure you’re maintaining good form in exercises and keeping your muscles stretched out.

Below you’ll find a list of articles with some basic principles to follow in order to keep your knees intact!

Articles on Proper Knee Mechanics During Exercise

  • Knee Tracking During Squats – Dr. John Rusin, T Nation, 2016. Tight quads increase the compressional and shear forces the knee absorbs during squatting and lifting movements. Some easy ways to correct this are to loosen up the quad muscles (stretching, ergonomics. Tightening the core and properly activating the glutes, as well as releasing tension from the hamstrings, will help but take a little effort. Something you can quickly do that makes a significant improvement is to track your knee along the lateral side of the foot when you are at the bottom of your squat or lunge movement. This means, keep an eye on your kneecap and keep it lined up with your pinky toe.

Videos On Avoiding Knee Injuries

  • Knee Valgus / Fix Knee Cave – Dr. Aaron Horschig focuses on stabilizing, rather than strengthening, to fix ‘knee cave’ on the upward ascent of your squat.

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